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You grew up with a adventurers guild. Weather or not you were born to an adventurer, or adapted into the guild though an apprenticeship you grew up around Adventurers. You saw there Successes and their failures, learned from their tales and triumphs. Now your convinced that you can do just as they did and build your own Legend, or perhaps you just want to help people as you yourself were once helped.

Skill Proficiencies: Your History with the guild and those you learned from (or listened to the stories of the most) Coloured your knowledge growing up. Your Choice of either Arcana or History and either Perception or Medicine.
Tool Proficiencies: Growing up among adventurers you learned about alot of different tools and uses for them, but you learned that no greater one could be had then a good Map. Cartographer's Kit and your choice of Either Thief's Tools or Medicine Kit.
Favourite Tales

Growing up among adventurers you liked to listen into the stories that the many adventurers liked to share around their peers. Be they Tales of Heroics and saving the People or stories of glorious Battle and pillaging, you had a favorite type you liked to listen to.

d6 Favourite Tales
1 Tales of Trickery and guile, you loved to hear about how adventurers got one over on their enemies.
2 Tales of Glory, large scale battles and Heroic Last Stands kept you focused on your arms training and helped you remain Disiplined.
3 Tales of Discovery, your mind was always fascinatied with the tales of finding new and long lost locations.
4 Tales of Religion, you found listening to the stories of Clerics and Priests to settle and calm you, finding peace and possibly something more within them.
5 Tales of Magic, you always listened to every Sorcerer or Wizard that you could find trying to find any scrap of knowledge or Tale you could use to inspire you.
6 Tales of Darkness, the stories of the Adventurers kept you entertained, sure, but you always found the Villains to be more interesting then the Heroes, you listened to all the stories you could, and always paid attention to the Monsters and Villains.
Feature: Dungeoneer Expertise

You've listened to the stories often enough and heard all about how they operate. You know that the life of a adventurer will eventually take you into a dungeon and learned how best to map them out, where secret passageways might be and what positions might be best for Ambushes. This knowledge allows you to figure out where best to hide and camp if need be.

Suggested Characteristics

Adventurers are a strange bunch, Some are quiet and thoughtful and some are raving madmen that only just count as people. Those raised by an adventurer guild tend to range to extremes of personality more often they not.

d8 Personality Trait
1 It's fine, I know what too do, I've heard all about this! All we need to do is....
2 I'm a Hero. I'll always stand up for the Weak and the defenseless, but it's hard when people look at me with fear.
3 Im confident in my abilities, what about you? Can you keep up?
4 Come on... This is boring! I thought we were going on an Adventure! Not just going Camping and for a Hike. Such a Bore....
5 Supplies; Check, Local information; Check, A Base Camp; Check. Ok Everyone we're ready for whatever comes our way now.
6 Come on! Fight me! I can take it!
7 Let's see, five Goblins, a Bugbear and an Orc Shaman. That'll be 12 gold for each Goblin, 50 gold for the Bugbear and depending on how tough that Shaman is about 75 to a 100 gold for them.
8 This.. isn't what I expected, is it always this violent, I never expected so much blood....
d6 Ideal
1 "The Guild" Everyone at the Guild looked after me so much, they helped me when they didn't need to, I have to pay them back somehow. (Lawful)
2 "Glory" I will win glory. For that is how I will be remembered, how I go about that? That's the question isn't it... (Neutral)
3 "Heroes for Hire" The Guild is willing to take pretty much any contract, so I should too. People are always in need of help, And it's always interesting too see just how far people will go for safety. (Chaotic)
4 "Faith" The Guild was my home, but I have a Higher calling now. Still I can't in good faith turn them down if they ask for help. (Good)
5 "Power" I will use any trick and any resource for my own needs. The Guild helped me.. now I'll help them. By Leaving them till last. (Evil)
6 "Knowledge" Information is Power, but it shouldn't be kept by just one person. Now a Guild of people can be more powerful for the Knowledge I can find and share with them.
d6 Bond
1 I care for the Staff at the Guild, they do alot of hard work and no-one ever seems to Apprieciate them.
2 I miss my former Instructor, they were always on my case but, they always made sure I knew why. I'm not sure what happened to them...
3 I always used to meet with a group of adventurers, they told me stories and gave me advice, Now they split up and have retired. I still keep in touch with one or two of them on occasion..
4 I once Followed one of the Guild member's somewhere I shouldn't have. They saved me but failed a contract, now I feel I owe them.
5 The Guildmaster is Wonderful, they Rescued me when I was a Child and kept me safe and protected! Now I'm all Ready to go out and keep myself safe.
6 My Parents Left me at the Guild and i grew up around the other Apprentices, that doesn't mean the rest of my Family is gone... I still send them money back on occasion.
d6 Flaw
1 I sometimes bite of more then I can chew. Overestimating my capabilities.
2 I might be abit snobbish when it comes to Adventurer Gear. I only Buy from Guild merchants or sponsored Artisan's.
3 I Don't like Adventurers who aren't Guild member's. They always want to betray us...
4 I sometimes don't report all the items I find or the money I recieve from an Adventure to the Guild. I'm not Greedy, I just think I can use it better
5 I freeze up when i see a particular monster type.. I can't help it, they destroyed my old life.
6 I can't Lie to people that well and I might be too trusting when people speak with me.
Adventurer Guild Recruit Image


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