Acolyte Of The Forgotten Image

You are one the last who worship an old sleeping god. This god has fallen into a deep slumber and will possibly never awaken but you have been called to remember this god for no one knows what happens to a deity when all is forgotten. There may be a few places of worship hidden deep in the world or on a family shrine long forgotten but nothing active. You are to travel the world remembering your deity, telling the stories, and singing the praises of your god and it's champions. 

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Performance, History, or Religion as you know much about the world's religions and pantheons and how your deity fits in among the gods and proliferate these tales.
Languages: One Language attributed to your Deity IE Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, ETC...
Equipment: You carry with you ancient tomes, texts, or symbols related to your deity.
Feature: A forgotten god

You have advantage on performance checks when you are telling of the exploits of your god or one of his champions.

Suggested Characteristics

You are a traveler by nature know you are unlikely to be accept by the other religious leaders, nor is it your mission to start a cult. 

Acolyte Of The Forgotten Image