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Abandoned as a babe on a warm night in the summer, her mother didn't want to be burdened with taking care of a child who only reminded her of the mistake she'd made on the night of her conception. Besides, she knew these people here as she had seen them about town. She lives in the center, of course, but they'd ventured into the marketplace between here and there frequently. When she knew what she was going to be doing she'd followed them under the cover of shadows to know which abode was theirs. Once sure, and the timing was correct for her to feel hidden enough with the wiggling girl in her arms and tucked against her chest under the veil of night, she placed her on their doorfront wrapped in a blanket and was never again seen in the city nor the surrounding towns.

Skill Proficiencies: Being raised by halflings as one of their own she was taught how to care for herself.  Cooking Herbalism  
Tool Proficiencies: Small tools Small weapons Games
Languages: Common Halfling
Equipment: handmade bracelet from her sister Dagger Herbalism kit Cards Dice  
Feature: Curious child

Growing up not knowing your heritage can make a person very curious and lead them to want to know more. The library in town was your friend and when you weren't playing games you were caught with your nose in a book.

You're interested in learning whatever you can, and when you're satisfied with your knowledge of your possible background you move on to continue wherever the books take you - your curious nature blossoming into the need to know as much as you can about everything.

Suggested Characteristics
• I try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
• I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my own demons. (Good)
I keep my thoughts and discoveries in a journal. My journal is my legacy.
I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.
Abandoned Orphan (Peryre) Image


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