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Achaeans are another name (roughly) for the Greeks. Mine were colonized off the coast of what is now Morocco in approximately 86 BC while searching for Atlantis. They were hoping the Atlanteans could aid in a final struggle against the Romans but were whisked away to another world. 

There were certain things expected of a student in Greece. They were to be able to recite  both history and poetry, speak in a court, play an instrument, and wield spear, sword and shield. The magic of the new world is forbidden at the university. Learn the basics first and your magics both elsewhere and afterward. 

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 2: History, Performance, or Persuasion. A DM may also find Animal Handling, Nature, and Religion appropriate choices for their university. Arcana even becomes a choice if handled in a Prof. Umbridge Defense Against the Dark Arts sort of way.
Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, Calligrapher's supplies, Vehicles (land), shortsword, spear, light armor, shields, and either drum, flute, or harp.
Languages: Choose one language of a race friendly to the Achaeans. Usually Dwarvish or Elvish .
Equipment: Shortsword (or spear), shield, and padded leather armor (all  purchased during training), set of bone dice or deck of cards, a journal, a diploma, a set of common clothes, and a pouch of 10 GP.
Attendee Status


1-2- Working your way through Uni, usually in custodial position

3-7- Came from nobility type money that paid your way

8- Recipient of a scholarship, possibly for showing exemplary potential

Feature: "Back at Uni"

You have studied a little of everything at the university or academy and that allows you a small bit of insight that will only increase as you experience the real world. Any time you attempt a skill check with which you are not proficient, you may add half of your proficiency bonus. Every time you use this feature, you must tell the people around you why you know how to do this, starting the sentence with "Back at Uni."

Suggested Characteristics

Students come from many walks of life and for many reasons: because their status says they must, boarding school is better than a tutor, trying to make a better life for themselves, or with the intent of becoming a good general in the king's army. Personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws from nearly any background are appropriate.

Achaean Graduate Image


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