Casting Time
1 Action
70 ft (70 ft )
V, S
STR Save

Warning, might be a bit unbalanced or overpowered as it's my first spell

You are beginning to realise what you are capable of and with that, the limit of magic itself. You decide to toy with your power and the very fabric of the universe to conjure large celestial bodies which destroy your opponents. Though you do realise that this power must be kept under close control, otherwise it could cause massive damage to both you and the planet you stand upon. By pouring your magic into a singularity, you are able to create extremely dense orbs of power.

At 7th level you have learnt to harness and manipulate your mana into a single point, doing this, you have by all instances, created a star. Or atleast, something resembling it.

When you first aquire it, you raise your hand to cast this spell and focus your power into a singularity, creating a 30 foot sphere of red fire which is capable of pulling creatures into it (you are immune) everything in a 40 foot radius around the sphere must make a strength saving throw or be sucked into the mass. If they fail, they will be absorbed into the sun, taking 8d10 fire damage and another 1d8 for each turn ended inside the sphere. To escape, they must succeed either a strength saving throw or a dex save. On a successful save, they will escape or not be pulled in at all.

At 8th level, the damage becomes 13d6 fire damage, the sphere becomes 60 foot large and the colour changes to white. The range of gravitation also changes to 50 foot.

At 9th level, you have fully mastered this spell and your abilities. You condence so much energy into such a small point you effectively create a black hole.
It does 40d6 bludgeoning damage (same as meteor swarm) if an entity is sucked into it. Any buildings, people or monsters in a 100 foot radius will get pulled into this hole no saving throw can change that. If your party is in this radius, they will most likely die so be sure to be smart with this spell. The black hole is only 10 foot in radius, but its gravity and power are extraordinary. The power is capable of destroying entire villages if left un-checked. At the expense of destroying more of the environment and other people, aswell as 5000 gold, you are able to increase the radius of gravitation to 200 feet. Alternatively, the more people this spell kills, the larger the black hole and radius of the spell becomes. For every 3000lbs it consumes, its radius increases by 50 feet. This makes it extremely unpredictable and destructive when used in large, condensed areas such as forests, caves, cities or towns.

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Available For: Sorcerer



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