Casting Time
1 Minute
10 ft
V, M *
Concentration 1 Day

 "This is why you don't annoy the Wizard!... your all gonna be so upset when I get the castle and you'll all be dirty Rascals!" - Crastar, Aspiring Mage

To conjure your castle, you need to set your components in a circle with the toy soldiers in the middle, find a hill or flat surface of land you are familiar with, picture your Castle, it could be however big or tall you want it, once made that mental image, go through the floors, room by room, picture what's in them.

Once that is complete, in 24 hours, there will be a permanent standing castle, once you give it a name, the name will appear on the castle gate, the toy soldiers, (5 or more) will become animated standing guards, (1 toy soldier = 10 Guards to the castle), they do not require food, water or air, but will defend the castle until the castle is destroyed, or they are.

The toy castle defenses become battlements (5 or more), this includes walls, catapults, watchtowers, arrow slits, marticulations etc. the only limit is how many components you have, if you have the minimum you can collect more to add tiers to your castle, more soldiers and battlements for example. The citizens inside the castle are minimum, this can be butlers, stable hands, smiths, tavern holders, servants, there is no limit if the roll is high enough

* - (5 Stone Rocks, 3 Dull Glass Shard, 5 Toy Soldiers, 5 toy castle defenses, 3 Clay Balls, 2 wooden sticks & 3 cotton & Silk handkerchiefs)

Available For: Sorcerer Wizard College of Lore College of Glamour School of Conjuration



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